2015-2016: A New Year For ASME

One of the great things about Rice is that our small size gives every student a chance to make a difference. As the newly elected president of ASME, my goal is to make long lasting improvements to the club. ASME tends to suffer from a sort of identity crisis. On one hand, our club seems to be essential, as we represent a chapter of an esteemed and powerful national organization. On the other hand, with no clear project or purpose one may ask, what’s the point? This year, I want to make the point very clear. ASME is here to improve the experience of Rice mechanical engineers. We’re going to do that by hosting events that offer people resources, networking opportunities, and a fun and engaging community of like-minded engineers. We have expanded the board and plan to expand the scope and programming of the club. We’ve got big plans to make big plans, so be on the lookout for big opportunities from Rice ASME.

-Drew Petty
ASME President