Officers 2014-2015

Officers 2014-2015:


Chair – Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering from Duncan College. She is interested in the fascinating world of mechatronics and robotics. In addition to coursework, she enjoys researching in the Mechatronics and Haptic Interfaces (MAHI) Lab. In 2013, she received the ThinkSwiss Scholarship to do a robotics research internship at ETHZ in Switzerland


Vice Chair – Ge You
Ge You is a senior double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Geology at Rice University.  She is interested in energy industry, and energy policy. She has several peer-reviewed publications in nanomaterial related to 2D structures.
Treasurer – Drew Petty
Drew is a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering from Dallas Texas. He’s a proud member of Duncan College as well as the Rice Rugby Club.
Secretary – Bilan Yang
Bilan is a junior Mechanical major from McMurtry College. Besides her major, she is also interested in material science and physics. She prefers an interdisciplinary approach in solving problems. Her focus of study will probably be nanomechanics or topics related to energy generation and storage techniques.
Freshman Rep – Nick Sepulveda
Nicholas Sepulveda is a Freshman Mechanical Engineer who hails from Wiess College. Aside from pouring time into the Solar Car Team and the RICE X rocket team, he takes time to train for the annual Beer Bike race and is an avid Formula 1 fan
Co-Sophomore Rep – Fariha Rashid
Fariha is a sophomore from Will Rice College.  Besides majoring in Mechanical Engineering, she hopes to minor in Energy and Water Sustainability
Co-Sophomore Rep – Anqi Sun




Faculty Advisors:


Andrew Dick
For a list of former club officers, see Former Officers

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