General Meeting: The FE and PE Exams


This Thursday (12/1), we will have three panelists talk about the FE & PE Exams:
Jonathon Mauritz – ASME Member, Hudson Products, EIT
Erik Howard – Vice President, Knighthawk Engineering, PE
John Rigby – PE

The FE and PE Exams are essential licenses for practicing engineers, and Rice supports engineering seniors in taking these exams in their spring semester. If you want to learn more about the tests or the opportunities they offer, our panelists will be doing a short presentation and Q&A afterwards. It’ll also be a good chance to talk to engineers actually in the industry.

The event will be at 9 PM at Miner Lounge, and hot beverages will be served. We’re trying to gauge interest in potential drinks, so look out for that too on the form!

If interested, please RSVP here.

ASME Board